RECESSION PROSPERITY GARDEN: a sustainable prototype for an inner city garden

view a fly through of the garden:


Irish Landscape Institute Award Winner

The Recession- Prosperity Garden fullfils everything an inner city family garden requires. Using traditional Irish building methods it is sustainable and easy and cheap to build.

It shows the prosperity within this recession, demonstrating how to use all the newly gained free time to build their own little paradise, released of the worry of having to show of something costly, prestigious and fancy or hiring a garden designer.DIY manuals for all elements and the planting are provided.

The garden is open to the public at the Irishtown Ringsend community centre in Dublin, weekly workshops are run by F& S, view for more details:



The Recession Prosperity Garden is:

  • cheap to build, material costs of € 4000

  • sustainable watermanagement through water harvesting and flush flooding attenuation basins

  • usage of native Irish plants

  • usage of local building materials and application of traditional Irish building methods

  • invention of multifunctional garden furniture to comply with small site: as well as being aestetically pleasing the table doublefunctions as green house, the children“s sandbox is also a children‘s table or a sunlounger, when it is closed up it can still be used as seat or a stage and protects the sand from cats littering etcetera... One side opens up vertically up and provides space for a blackboardon the inner lid

  • the garden shed harvests rainwater and allows for sheltered outdoor seating

  • the chicken- coop is also a garden bench

  • no concrete used throughout entire garden

  • innovative usage of ready made cheap materials for example concrete reinforcement mesh as climbing aids

  • the vegetables are interplanted with native decorative companion plants to reduce and deter pests