UCD student project The Green link

Green link from the Botanic gardens to the Liffey. An investigation by students of the site specific elective module, run by Sophie von Maltzan at the School of Landscape Architecture, UCD

A group of landscape architecture, architecture, urban planning and horticulture students from UCD explored a “green link” from the Botanic Gardens to the River Liffey.

The team undertook a number of site visits to the Phibsborough area: experiencing the sequence of spaces, thresholds, edges; locating landmarks; mapping districts; learning of the historic significance of different areas; experiencing the spirit of the place; photographing relevant (and not so relevant!) set pieces and details

Individual site specific interventions were presented in studio, followed by critique and discussion. Further action in the area took the form of meetings with the bio-diversity representative of Phibsborough Tidy Towns, the Public Realm Manager of Dublin City Council, the historian Dr. Mary Muldowney of Dublin City Council, the Area Manager of Phibsborough (DCC) and presenting initial ideas in the local library.

Individual projects were curated into a single printed ‘gallery’, taking the form of a fold out analytical map and information guidance leaflet, which is hoped will become a list of ideas from which Phibsborough Tidy Towns will be able to harvest one or two interventions

The launch of this document will take place in the form of a community treasure hunt, where the plaque on Phibsborough Road will lead the pedestrian along Kelly’s Row, painted with temporary paint, to the linear park of the filled in canal where they will experience sleeved trees. The tree intervention will show them the way to the volunteer statue and across the road to the library where the information leaflets and exhibition of the students’ work is displayed: the ‘treasure’!

While it is no chest of gold, we trust you enjoy reading about the collaborative work we have compiled and hope that maybe one of the ideas can come to fruition in the future.

The investigation, analysis and Treasure map was put together over 12 weeks by the students during the 2nd Academic Term 18/19


More photos to follow