Empathy platform, All Saints National School, Mullingar

Empathy platform, All Saints National School, Mullingar 2018

EEE  Everyone talks to Everyone- Empathy Platform

A new tree surround and seating area for All Saints National School

Together with the pupils, teachers and Health and Safety officials replaced  the tree surround and seating area. A new surround and seating area now brightens up the yard as well as be an interactive monument to the schools ethos: Empathy

The tree surround serves as:

  • Be a designated EEE: Everyone talks to Everyone Empathy area
  • Non slippery, so it can be used on all days
  • Allows for multiple, relaxed ways/ constellations of sitting.
  • Children can sit next to and opposite each other
  • Creates a sheltered feeling
  • Area for calm interaction for the children who do not/ cannot play running games
  • Improves children’s’ sense of belonging, as it is designed and decorated with the school children
  • Designed and Decorated with the school children’s (all classes ) input from through 5 workshops
  • Is a colourful sculpture
  • Square shape sits well into the schoolyard’s rectangular design
  • Can be used as mini outdoor classroom

Funded by Westmeath County Council Arts Office under the Artist in the Community scheme